Services provided by MRB include:

Consultants | Farm accounts administration | Dairy Systems Monitoring - DSM


We provide independent advice to the agricultural sector in New Zealand. Our skill base and experience includes:

  • all the main farming systems (sheep & beef, mixed cropping/arable, dairy, deer)
  • farm accounts analysis
  • financial planning
  • farm development including irrigation & stock water design
  • strategic advice
  • rural valuation
  • succession planning
  • farm supervision
  • investment advice - including off-farm
  • discussion group facilitation
  • arbitration and mediation

All our advisors have practical farming experience. Click here to meet our consultants.

Farm accounts administration

We offer the following services (allowing farmers to stay outside on the farm!):

  • Cashbook data entry
  • GST reporting
  • Wages and PAYE preparation
  • Various reports (back to client) summarising current cashflow position (further analysis and forecasts by consultants)

Click here to meet our accounts administrator.

Dairy Systems Monitoring - DSM

Dairy Systems Monitoring (DSM) is a benchmarking system used by the clients to improve their productivity and profitability. The dairy farm simulation model FARMAX is used to simulate the farm system. The input information is milk production from fencepost, and monthly data from the farm, including, areas, stock numbers, supplements, crops and nitrogen. The model is then calibrated to simulate the farms production, revised and validated monthly. The client can access their information in an online data base program at their leisure. More >>